Emigration to Australia

Emigration to Australia is considered by many property investors once they have had a taste of the good life that Australia, and in particular the South-East of Queensland has to offer. Emigration to Australia can be a long and arduous process and it isn’t something that you should take on lightly. However life in Australia is well worth the effort, so have a look at the information below to ascertain which program best suits your situation.

Migrating to Australia is defined by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs as ‘travelling to Australia with a visa that gives you the right to live permanently in Australia.’

Want to emigrate to Australia? Gold Coast is a fantastic place to live & invest in property.
Want to emigrate to Australia? The Gold Coast is a fantastic place to live & invest in property.

Why Emigrate to Australia?

Australia is a land of contrasts and has a laid back lifestyle that appeals to many Brits, Americans, Japanese and a number of other nationalities as a place to live and enjoy life. Australian’s are proud people and rightly so with beautiful landscapes, excellent beaches, fantastic schools and universities and world beating sportsmen and women. With unemployment at such a low rate, there has never been a better time to move to Australia, with the country enjoying one of its biggest economic booms. Australia is also an incredibly multicultural society you will feel at home in no time.

Emigration to Australia Information

There are two programs designed to help those people who would like to reside in Australia permanently. We have profiled the Migration Program as it is most relevant to those wanting to invest in Australian property.

The migration program which is made up of:

  • a skilled migration stream – has a number of categories for people who have particular occupation skills, outstanding talents or business skills that will allow them to contribute to the Australian economy;
  • a family migration stream – Australian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor a relative. Family members include spouse, de facto partner, fiance(e), same sex partner and parents;
  • special eligibility migrants – former citizens or residents wanting to return to Australia, or certain New Zealanders.

There are 168,700 places available for migrants in the 2010-11 migration program.

54,550 family migrants and 113,850 skilled migrants.

(from http://www.immi.gov.au Dept of immigration and citizenship.

So whether you wish to enjoy the best years of your life in Australia, or you want to bring up your children in the great outdoors, or just want to start afresh in the land of opportunity, there are many ways you can apply to emigrate to Australia.

Migration and humanitarian categories

To read about requirements of the Australian government relating to the following programs or categories : emigration to Australia information, click here

If you are looking to move to Australia temporarily, have a look at our Australian visa section for further information. This section is ideal for people wanting to enjoy the Australian lifestyle without giving up residence in their own home country, especially those wanting to visit their investment property regularly.